Maggie Snyder

Holoscratch Glassdance, digital image, Madison, WI 2008

Plucking the Strings, digital image, Madison, WI 2009

Fine art photography, black and white photograph, light painting, album cover, performance art, conceptual photography

First Matter, digital image, Boulder, CO 2009

Shiver, digital image, Madison, WI 2007

Spoils of Warbirth-Landscape, digital image, Madison, WI 2008

Giizelttewings, digital image, Nashville,2005

It Gave Her the Slip, digital image, Madison, WI 2009

Writing Away Reality, digital image, Madison, WI 2009

What Is Locked Away, digital image, Madison, WI 2009

The Recapitulation of St Lucy, digital image, Boulder, CO 2009

photo composite, fine art photography, black and white photography, digital photography, conceptual photography, performance art

After Man Ray, digital image, Madison, WI 2009

balances falling through time is a series of conceptual photography from 2004-2009, using film and digital photography, and digital editing methods. These images of a body, or the body, explore states of subconscious desires to be seen, to be witnessed, to express emotion and to bring forth something from the darkness through gesture, color, light, shape and form. The body is an ambivalent environment for these desires; it also seeks to hide, be obscured, transformed and elevated, or recede into mystery and darkness.

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