Maggie Snyder


I'm Maggie, a conceptual artist and educator currently based in Madison, Wisconsin.

My work is visual poetry that expresses the collision of interior and exterior states of being related to body and identity. It is sited around bodies that are slippery, in motion, malformed, or separated into discreet parts and explores the experience of the simultaneous fear and desire of being seen. The body is an ambivalent environment for the expression of these desires; it seeks to hide, be obscured, transformed and elevated, or recede into mystery and darkness. The realities around the body are dislocated, questioned, and re-created through an emotional lens, and express notions of energy beyond the five senses. Memory is corporealized and the body is re-corporealized through found objects and Readymades, a conversation between the mind’s perception of reality and the body’s. This work usually manifests as photographic images, text-based pieces, design, performance, and video.

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