Maggie Snyder


I am available for a variety of creative work. Please inquire about rates and details using the form below.


I specialize in creative documentary photography and fine art portraiture, honed by years of working with artists to document their performative work and also through photographing weddings. For wedding photography, please go here.

Image editing is also available.


DSLR videography services are available, including high quality audio recording. My background is in freelance videography, broadcast television production and short form documentary video production. Please view my demo reel here.

Video editing is also available.


Producer/director services are available for a variety of creative productions, including fine art, performance, documentaries and video works.

Experience includes directing short documentaries and broadcast productions, running critique groups, running performance workshops, and producing documentaries, fine art, performance, installation art, works for galleries and books.

Please view my director reel here.


I stumbled into performance art in 2001 and immediately knew I was home. My fine arts practice is performance based and I enjoy developing performance work in collaboration with other artists.

Live performance, performance for still image and performance for moving image are services that I offer, in addition to performance production, direction, and documentation.


I offer motion graphics, layout for print like magazine, books, and album covers. Design services are typically add-ons to production services but I do accept clients whose needs are entirely design-oriented.


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