I started playing piano when I was seven and moved on to other instruments by eight. For the next 10 years, I played all manner of classical and jazz, and by the time I reached the end of high school I was ready to play loud, aggressive, distorted music. 

Bass has always been my go-to, I like being the bridge between the drums and everything else. I love writing with a drummer, and using  a lot of heavy distortion. I currently play an Ibanez five-string and am obsessed with the Aghartha and Big Muff distortion pedals. I've been in grindcore, death metal, post-grunge, and industrial bands and currently play in a resurrected version of the post-grunge angst band Priests, Monsters, and Saints and am developing black metal and noise solo projects.

I am also a keyboard player and have a lot of experience with synthesis, including working with musical programming languages like SuperCollider, CSound, PureData, and MaxMSP, as well as programs like Absynth, Reason, and Gleetchlab. Like my taste in film, I also enjoy making fucked-up experimental music and sound art projects, and I am always working on experimental tracks, video scores, and art sound collaborations, some of which have been featured in galleries internationally. I love collecting loops, effects pedals, field recordings, and random voicemail messages to decimate and reconstruct into experimental music.

In 2005, I graduated from the School of Audio Engineering, with a lot of experience in live sound. Professionally, I do a lot of voice-over recording and post-production mixing for video.


Collaborative EP,  2013. Keyboards, samplers; recording engineer; album cover design.


Endif v Ctrlshft v Caustic (live noise set), 2006

Improvisational electronic music recorded live off the mix desk @ Inferno Nightclub, September 13th, 2006. This was an opening set we did for a TERRORFAKT and Tonikom show when they came through Madison, WI on tour. There was little discussion of roles and no rehearsal. We just had at it. 


Experimental audio,  2005-2009. Solo project.

Meathooks of Freedom

Dada death metal. Album Dance with the Moose released in 2003. Guitar, vocals.

Priests, Monsters, and Saints (PMS)

Post-punk, 1995-1997, bass.

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