Priests, Monsters, and Saints

Post-grunge sludge based in Denver.

We are currently recording demos and looking for shows. Please follow us on Instagram and Bandcamp!

Previous Projects


Collaborative EP,  2013. Keyboards, samplers; recording engineer; album cover design.


Endif v Ctrlshft v Caustic (live noise set), 2006

Improvisational electronic music recorded live off the mix desk @ Inferno Nightclub, September 13th, 2006. This was an opening set we did for a TERRORFAKT and Tonikom show when they came through Madison, WI on tour. There was little discussion of roles and no rehearsal. We just had at it. 


Experimental audio,  2005-2009. Solo project.

Meathooks of Freedom

Dada death metal. Album Dance with the Moose released in 2003. Guitar, vocals.


Post-grunge, 1995-1997, bass.

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